Chocolate Mint Herb - Seriously

Chocolate Mint Herb!
There's a herb called chocolate mint that actually tastes a bit like mint chocolate. If it's dried, the chocolate mint aroma is especially strong. It can be chopped up fresh and sprinkled over ice cream, cake or anything that could use a mint chocolate flavour.

It might sound a bit strange, but mint is good in drinks in the summer. When you make your ice cubes, just put a leaf or two of mint in the water before you freeze it.

If you wait until the mint leaves dry out (or dry them in a food dryer), you can make tea from them:
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons dried chocolate mint leaves (these should be slightly crumbled but not powdered)
  • A packet of hot chocolate mix or some instant coffee mix (optional but recommended)
  1. Bring the water to the boil.
  2. Put the leaves in a tea strainer and hang the strainer over a cup.
  3. Pour the boiling water into the cup.
  4. Leave for about 15 minutes then stir hot chocolate or instant coffee mix into tea

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